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The FeyCats

Wizard & Druid Cats

The Two Sides of Magic

There's an old Wild Island saying "If there's magic involved, then a FeyCat's involved", and it's probably true. 


While all Wild Island Cats possess some degree of magical ability, it's the FeyCats who are the students, masters, and practitioners of the higher forms of magic.  

Some say the FeyCats are like scientists, ever probing the mysteries of the universe, while others frown on their activities, seeing it as tinkering with the natural order.


Whatever they are, FeyCats are fun to be around, and they especially enjoy seeing new places, and trying new things.


There are two types of FeyCats on Wild Island - Wizards and Druids. While Wizards practice more traditional magic, such as creating portals and spells, Druids tend to focus more on nature and the primary elements. 

Wizard Cats also use wands as a way to channel their energy, whereas Druid Cats are more likely to have an amulet or talisman.  

Keep reading to learn more about Wizard and Druid Cats. 

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