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Join the Adventure

Are you ready to get Wild?

Joining Our Magical Family

Here's how you can bring magic into your world. 

Each year, approximately 250 new Wild Island Cats and Hounds volunteer to join our mission.


If you would like to have one (or more) come to live with you, visit our Shop. It will show you what Cats and Hounds are here, and ready to be adopted.

And if you have questions, send us an email at, and we will help you find just the right Cats or Hounds for you.

It's pretty simple really. Just 1, 2, 3!

1.) Join the Family. The Cats and Hounds see themselves as one big magic family, and they are happy to have you join in. They are here to help you learn more about the magic that is all around us, and in doing so, help heal our world.

2.) Stay Connected.  Join our Facebook page, or send us an email, and let us know what you and your Cat or Hound are doing. When we join our magic with others, it grows exponentially.

3.) Share the Love. The Cats and Hounds love to meet new people, so be sure to take them out and introduce them around. The more magic we share, the faster it grows.

The Message of the Cats and Hounds

The Cats and Hounds have a simple way we can all bring magic back to our world....

* Be you. Life is a tapestry, and you are a unique and important thread. Be true to you.

* Be here. Being in the present moment makes it easier to connect to the magic of life.

* Be happy. Happiness is a choice, and every smile helps heal our world.

Want to find out more? Follow the links in the menu to learn about the history of Wild Island, the different types of Cats and Hounds, and how you can join in

You can also find us on social media. Just click the icons below.

And remember, to reconnect to the magic of life,

you just need to be you, be here, and be happy

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