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About the Cats & Hounds

An entire world of magic.


The Wild Island Cats 

There are six different kinds of Wild Island Cat, and while all are unique, there are a few attributes that are distinctive to each race of Cat.

PixieCats - tiniest Cats, alchemists and enchanters, great healers, love sweets of any kind.

ElfCats - incredible farmers and artisans, special skill is bringing joy to celebrations, love cheese and ice cream.

SeaCats - merchants, traders, artists, artisans, very creative, love to visit small markets, little cafes, and art galleries.

MerCats - water dwellers, love philosophy, science, and sushi.


WereCats - warriors, shape-shifters, love being outdoors, being active, root beer, and pizza.

FeyCats - Wizards or Druids, most advanced at using magic, Wizards can be quirky, Druids love nature, all love Mexican food.

Want to learn more? Follow the links to read more about each type of Cat.  



The Wild Island Hounds

While there different races of Wild Island Cats, the Hounds are all of the same race. Instead they distinguish themselves based upon their Houses or Corps.

Hippie Hounds – all girls, total hippies who love to spread peace, joy, and magic to all they meet.

House BlueNose - seafaring House, great sailors, explorers, and drinkers of root beer, they love science, star gazing and the sea.

House RedRover - warrior House, great weapon smiths and fighters who also make amazing beer and pizza.

SeaDog Corps - hard working, fun loving, adventurous, lovers of life


Beagle Corps - quirky, mid-sized hounds who are incredibly endearing.

Daschund Dragon Guard - like Yoda from Star Wars, these smallest Hounds are full of surprises.

BlackWater Bayers - former pirates, great trackers, love music and barbecues. Really love to party.

Want to learn more ? Watch for new pages about the Hounds to be uploaded soon.  

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