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The MerCats

Guardians of

the Oceans

Often mistaken for mermaids, MerCats are water dwellers who are best known for their love of philosophy and statecraft.


As such, the MerCats have long acted as diplomats for the Cats. MerCats are also the leading scholars among the Cats, and they are widely respected for their research skills.


The MerCats were not always limited to living in the water. Back on the Dragon home world, the MerCats were more like Druids, able to shift back and forth from their land form to their water form.


However, when the MerCats came to earth, their ability to transform was impacted by the spell meant for the WereCats. When that spell was caste by Merlin, it trapped all MerCats in their water form.


As such, the MerCats home is located in the deep waters to the southeast of Wild Island, centred around their main city of Mercatilla. More of an eco system then an actual city, Mercatilla hums and flows with a steady stream of life, and embodies the harmony that MerCats hold so dear.

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