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The PixieCats

The first episode of

the Wild Island Tales.

Meet the PixieCats!

Alchemists & Enchanters


The PixieCats call Pixie's Reach home, and it is a delightful, dare we say, "enchanted" place. Many of the Cats love to vacation at Pixie's Reach, and most speak about it in a dreamy way. 


PixieCats are the smallest of the Wild Island Cats, but don’t be deceived by their size. PixieCats are amazing beings who live much longer than other Wild Island Cats, many to several thousand years old. 


Most attribute their advanced age to the fact that PixieCats are master enchanters and alchemists.


The PixieCats use enchantments to protect themselves from accidents and attacks, and alchemy to speed healing, and to slow the aging process.


It is for this reason that the PixieCats are the healers of Wild Island, and are known throughout the magical realms.


Besides their small size, you can identify a PixieCat by the “Mark of the Pixie”. It is a small tattoo that looks like a tiny flower or starburst, normally found on the Cats ears. PixieCats get one Mark for each element of enchanting or alchemy that they master.

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