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Bobbie is a PixieCat, and she comes from the Pixie's Reach part of Wild Island. PixieCats are the smallest of the Wild Island Cats, and they are famous as great enchanters and alchemists.


PixieCat Bobbie is studying to be a food alchemist, and she is excited to go anyplace where she can learn more about local foods and cooking.


Bobbie also loves veggie pizza, horses, skating, raspberries, cream soda, and mysteries.


Bobbie comes with a Beginner Magic Wand, so you can share your joy with others.


For more fun, and to learn the whole story of Wild Island, grab our fabulous Wild Island Chronicles Colour Your Own Storybook, or look through our website for more stories and videos.

Bobbie 🌺 PixieCat

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