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Woohoo! Kids clothing from Wild Island!


These kids ponchos are so much fun to make. Each poncho is one of a kind, using many different kinds of yarns to create ponchos that are light, but still warm, beautiful, but sturdy.


This poncho is from the ElfCat Collection. The ElfCats are the artisans and farmers of the Wild Island Cats, and they come from a very pretty area known as The ElfLands.


While every child is different, small roughly fits 1-2 years of age, medium 2-4 years, and large 4-6 years.


These ponchos are built to last, and will hopefully be enjoyed by many kids before it finally wears out, because we like to tread lightly while we are looking good and staying warm.


Mixed materials including, but not limited to, cotton, wool, acrylic, linen, bamboo, and silk. Gentle wash, lay flat to dry.

Classic Poncho of the ElfCat - Kids Large

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