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May I present the Enchanted Mantle of the Earth Druid. This piece is inspired by a walk through the deep woods. Dark greens and browns, rich reds, orange, and golds,  the assorted blues of skies and streams, and tiny flashes of gold, as the sunlight breaks through the canopy. 


Super thick, super cozy, super warm, and totally groovy, these ponchos feel like a comforting hug. 


Enchantments include harmony, peace, and abundance.


It took me a while to create a pattern that I liked. This poncho is very warm, with a multitude of different yarns blended together, and the effect is very groovy.


One extra fun feature are the braided tassels. Rather then try and hide the strands of yarn from changing colours, I decided to highlight them in the tassels, which is both fun and functional. 


And finally, since I think matching stuff is cool, with every poncho/mantle, you are welcome to pick out one pair of hand sweaters, gauntlets, or mittens. Just take a look through the online shop, and if you see a pair you like, send me a message with your order, and I'll include them, free of charge. 


Mixed materials. Cold wash. Lay flat to dry. 


Look good. Stay warm. Tread lightly. 

Enchanted Mantle of the Earth Druid

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