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Super thick, super cozy, super warm, and totally groovy, these enchanted gauntlets (aka extra long texting mitts) are made to last, so be sure you like the colours.


The gauntlets are similar to my regular mittens, but with the top of the thumb and fingers missing. The cuffs all feature my new design, that I think is both groovier looking and better functioning, and they are longer, reaching to approximately 2 - 3 inches below the elbow.


The cuffs use repeating sections of knit and pearl, with some seed stitch tossed in for effect. I especially like how this design allows me to integrate very funky fibres that create fabulous effects.


Mixed materials. Cold wash. Lay flat to dry.


Look good. Stay warm. Tread lightly.

Classic Gauntlets of the Sea Druid - Adult Medium

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