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What, you ask, are hand sweaters? Hand Sweaters are what I call my version of “texting mittens”, or “fingerless gloves”.

I call them hand sweaters because that’s what they feel like. Comfy, cozy little sweaters for your hands when it’s cold outside, but not cold enough for mittens. Or when you still need to use your fingers to handle your keys, or your phone.

Indeed, they aren’t mittens, because mittens cover your fingers, and they aren’t gloves, because gloves have fingers. Hence, they are sweaters. Hand sweaters.

These Hand Sweaters are made with chunky yarns, so they are warm, they have a unique cuff that is both beautiful and functional, and they are shaped so they fit on your hands properly.

I’ve been making these Hand Sweaters for the past eight years, and I’ve literally made hundreds of pairs, in every colour and texture imaginable, and I’ve figured what combinations work the best. In this pattern, I’ll explain both the range of materials that will work, and what I like to use.

This pattern has instructions for adult sizes small, medium, and large. The PDF is six pages, and will be sent via email. Please be sure to include your email address, and selecting knitting pattern for shipping.

Knitting Pattern PDF for Wild Island Enchanted Hand Sweaters Adult SML

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