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Gauntlets are long versions of my hand sweaters that reach almost to the elbow, and they have been designed with both fit and dramatic effect in mind.

I originally created gauntlets specifically to go with my ponchos, but since then, I’ve realized they should not be limited to partnering with ponchos.

The pattern uses a mix of simple stitches that’s manageable for novice knitters, while creating a solid framework that experienced knitters can use to unleash their creative impulses, and use up some odds and ends at the same time.

Unlike mittens or hand sweaters, I’ve made far fewer gauntlets, but every pair sold super-fast, and I’ll definitely make more for my shop.

Warning, wearing gauntlets might cause you to want to wave your arms about, and break into spontaneous dance. I think it’s cause they just feel so darn epic.

This pattern has instructions for adult sizes small, medium, and large.

The pattern is in PDF form. To receive it via email, please select Knitting Pattern option shipping (free). To get a paper copy in the email, please select Seed option for shipping.

Knitting Pattern PDF for Wild Island Epic Gauntlets Adult SML

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