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A super easy pattern that creates a basic kids poncho with a simple off-centre neck, and fringes on two sides. The poncho is created by making two rectangular panels, and stitching them together.

The pattern uses only knit and pearl stitches, which is great for beginner knitters, and it combines those two stitches to create both texture and visual interest.

This basic pattern also creates a framework that experienced knitters can use to integrate more complex designs, such as cables, images, or various styles, such as Fair Isle patterns.

I’ve created separate pattern instructions for each size for creating the rectangles, as there are minor changes between the sizes.

Instructions for assembling and finishing all sizes are together.

More so than the adult ponchos, the kids ponchos will allow you to play with all kinds of colours and textures. Just remember that for kids clothes, durability is important, so you might want to pick yarns that can handle being washed.

Knitting pattern is in PDF format, so be sure to include your email,and select knitting pattern PDF shipping option for free shipping.

If you'd prefer a paper copy sent out via regular mail, select the knitting pattern paper copy shipping option.

Knitting Pattern PDF for Wild Island Kids Ponchos - Size SML

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