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The first pairs of socks I made were for my daughter. She had gone to university, and the house she was living in had cold floors, so she asked if I could make warm socks.

I looked through loads of books from the library, and what I could find online back then, and quickly realized I needed something different. I wanted socks that were thicker, and stronger, but I also wanted them to be soft, and fun to wear.

The slipper socks in this pattern are the result of ten years, and hundreds of pairs of socks, and I love them. Because they are made on size 5mm (US 8) needles, they are much faster than many sock designs, and they allow for much thicker yarn.

The downside is they are so thick, they tend not to fit into boots or shoes, though some folks wear them in oversized rubber boots or clogs. A few folks even asked me to add leather soles, so they could wear their socks on the porch.

If you have hesitated to try knitting socks, this might be a good pattern to start on. It’s quick, and pretty easy. And if you are a sock pro, I’m confident you are going to enjoy playing with this design. For example, just think of the endless variations you can create with the cuff.

There are separate pages for each of the four sizes - kids medium, adult small, medium, and large. I’ve also included some pics to help with the more complicated needle stuff, and samples of socks I’ve made to give you lots of ideas.

The pattern is available in PDF or paper form. To receive the PDF via email, please select the PDF option to avoid shipping costs.

Look good, stay warm, tread lightly. We can do this.

Knitting Pattern PDF for Wild Island Slipper Socks - Kids/Adult

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