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Hot Burrito Pepper are an edible mild hot pepper that has a Scoville rating of 3,000-6,000, similar to a jalapeño.Unlike a jalapeño though, this compact little marvel grows great in containers, and is perfect for folks who only have a tiny space to work with. The plants will grow to be approximately 10-12 inches tall with an upright habit, and roughly 10 inches wide, and produces lots of decent sized peppers in a compact space.I love growing these peppers because they are fast to produce, tasty to eat, and beautiful to behold. What’s not to love.Plus, if you say the name five times fast, it makes you want to dance.


minimum 24 seeds per pack.


Buy 10 or more packs of seeds, any kind, and save $1 per pack.


1 to 9 packs, any variety, $3/pack

10 or more packs, any variety, $2/pack.


Discount will be automatically calculated once you have 10 packs in your cart.


Be sure to select the Seeds Only shipping option ($5)

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Pepper Seeds - Hot Burrito

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