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The WereCats

Shapeshifters & Warriors

of the Realms

The WereCats make their home on the northernmost part of Wild Island, in a place they call WereHaven. It is cold and rugged, but the WereCats are tough, and it suits them just fine.


Most people think WereCats are merely shapeshifters, but their primary role in Wild Island society is that of warriors, due to their incredible strength, speed, and agility.

WereCats are easily spotted by their big shaggy manes, worn by both the males and females, and their tall ears when in cat form. 


In their human form, WereCats always appear as rather shaggy looking young people, never appearing older than 12 years old. This is due to an ancient curse, placed by the human wizard Merlin, to prevent WereCats from becoming kings and queens in the human realms. 

It was this same curse that trapped the MerCats in their water form, and it was the primary reason the Cats and Hounds hid their true forms from us when they first arrived. 

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