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Wild Island Cats & Hounds
Helping humans reconnect to the magic of life

Have you ever .....


Have you ever met an amazing cat or dog, and wondered if there was more to them than meets the eye?

Most of us have.

Well, there's a little island, just north of Prince Edward Island, Canada, where all of the truly amazing cats and dogs of our world come from.


It's called Wild Island.

Never heard of it? That's probably because it's invisible.

Wild Island is where a race of extraordinary magical cats and dogs live.


For hundreds of years, they have lived among us as our pets, in disguise, guiding us, and protecting us.


And over those years, they have watched as we have slowly lost touch with the magic of life. 

Now the Cats and Hounds are here, in their true magical forms, to help us reconnect to that magic.

Since 2013, over 1,600 amazing Cats and Hounds have found families, and every year, another 250 or so join that adventure. 

Want to find out more? Follow the links in the menu to learn about the history of Wild Island, the different types of Cats and Hounds, and how you can join in

You can also find us on social media. Just search for Wild Island Cats on Facebook or Google.


And remember, to reconnect to the magic of life,

you just need to be you, be here, & be happy

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