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The Dragon Prince Prophecy

A very old poem, The Dragon Prince Prophecy, was widely known throughout the Great Dragon Realms before the Fall.


Similar to many of our fairy tales, its origins are unknown.

This poem has fueled endless debate on Wild Island over the past few hundred years, as to whether or not is really is a prophecy, and even if it is a prophecy, to whom and what it actually refers. 

Below is a copy of a translation of the poem from the original FeyCat:

The Dragon Prince Prophecy

Lordly Dragon wears the Crown, 
and all flows smooth as honey.

Then Darkness falls, and all doth cry, 
as War and Death come running.

Then from the mists there shall appear, 
the ones thought lost to time. 

The Players gather by the sea, 
to walk the path sublime.

A Hound will howl, a Cat shall claw,
a Dragons blood shall burn. 

The light and dark shall dance and dance, 
til Son for morning yearn.

His need will fire a thousand swords,
ten thousand times more still,
then only when the Battle is won,
will his blood grow chill.

For after light has subdued all,
and cast it's glow afield,
will Dragon Son be given leave,
to rest, lay down his shield.

Until that time, we wait, we watch,
ever ready for the day,
when Dragons shine their Lordly Light, 
and Wildness leads the way.

For members of the Wildness Institute, the poem is a literal prophecy whose time they believes has come.

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