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The ElfCats

Farmers, Weavers,

& Bringers of Joy

The ElfCats call the Elf Lands home, and it is a picturesque land filled with farms, fields, and forests.


The ElfCats tend to be quiet, except when there is a party or special event going on, as that is their specialty.


The ElfCats love to bring extra joy and fun to any holiday or event, and if you are lucky enough to have one around, you can bet lots of fun will be had.


You can recognize an ElfCat by their size (they are the middle-sized Cats), their cheerful smiles, and by the shiny bead belts they like to wear.


The ElfCats are also known to be the finest tailors on Wild Island, and their clothing is always in great demand.

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And remember, to reconnect to the magic of life,

you just need to be you, be here, and be happy

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