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About Wild Island
Where is it, how did it get there, & other stuff.

A brief introduction

to Wild Island 

A Little History

Back in the Great Dragon Realms, the Cats were the Keepers of the Magic, and the Hounds were the Guardians of the Young Dragons, and for countless time, all was good.

Then, the Dragon Realms were attacked, and the Cats and Hounds were forced to flee. They searched the universe for a place to hide, and in the end, they found Earth.

When they first arrived, just over one thousand years ago, humans were not ready to meet magic Cats and warrior Hounds, so they withdrew to a tiny dune island just north of PEI. With a bit of magic they transformed the island, and shielded it from view, and there they stayed for hundreds of years.

Yet, as time went by, the Cats and Hounds became curious about us. To find out more, they disguised themselves, and came to live among us as our pets. Over the centuries, they have protected us, guided us, and watched as we have slowly lost touch with the magic of life.

Now the Cats and Hounds are here in their true form to help bring magic back to our world.


Want to find out more? Follow the links in the menu to learn about the history of Wild Island, the different types of Cats and Hounds, and how you can join in

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And remember, to reconnect to the magic of life, you just need to

be you, be here, & be happy

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