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The SeaCats

Merchants of

the Magical Realms

SeaCats are the artists, artisans, merchants, and builders of Wild Island. They are also the only Cats who have the unique ability to live as easily in water as on land. This allows them to connect the MerCats to the rest of the Cats, an important function.


SeaCats love colour and are often the most brightly dressed of the group. They also really love food and shopping, especially markets.


And while SeaCats live all over Wild Island, most think of SeaPort as their home base. Located on the southern coast of Wild Island, SeaPort has the largest collection of unique shops in the magical world, and is a favourite meeting place for Cats of every kind.


SeaCats are also great sailors and are known to work closely with the SeaDog Corps, acting as supply agents when the SeaDogs are on a mission.


Finally, SeaCats are amazing cooks. Most say that comes from all the traveling they do, and that makes sense. Like they saying goes... “No Cats travel more than SeaCats”.

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